The New 2015 Chevrolet Equinox LTZ Minneapolis

Fox was a sampling of it’s a sweeter several a Cold Spring Minnesota today and we’re talking about the 2015 Chevrolet Equinox you put. Particular model is an all wheel drive LTZ it does come in front wheel drive all wheel drive that trim levels for this particular vehicle I’m gonna be LS healthy and LTZ. Else is is gonna get to the fully loaded one you’ll see crawl all over this vehicle as well as leather inserts in applying your audio system. Particular one has the brownstone personal favorite little bit harder to find enough we do it for you here readers to look into the backseat you’ll see. Plenty of room for all 5 of your passengers. With 46 the Down seats in the back we can definitely make sure that that you have anything they can’t fit in the trunk. We can make a fed by pulling those rear seats down. Not only does it have the reverse a power liftgate all Avenue with one touch this button and it closes.

Chevrolet EquinoxWe do have review camera as well as rear park assist soft feel be able to see your kids bikes no actually be better before you had a. As they move around the vehicle you’ll see 18 inch. Chrome. Glad of aluminum Tigers as well as another sneak peek at the backseat for. Looking at about 20 city 29 highway in the all wheel drive version. Standard power locks power live their power liftgate power windows and a power see I do have memories suits on the driver’s side this particular one. Comes pretty standard in the opening scene of the fire the vehicle up you’ll notice a sunroof out here you can make that go around as we. So choose will have a universal home remote. 2015 Chevy Equinox headlight replacement, – select the right product on the website.
Up to 3 garage doors we can program on that. Self living near here as well onsite capabilities beautiful thing about OnStar with these new vehicles not only will you get orgy elves and high standards you’ll also be able to download a remote link app on your phone and I will start your 5 from anywhere in the nation.

As Equinox well as see all of your vehicle diagnostics. See a little preemptive with the problems here is the idea behind. As we go down here we’ll see XM radio is standard on these as well with them FM Pandora you can plug your phone and you can sink their phone to it we can do a lot of different things with that as well as navigation to see where you’re going at any time as we move down it does have a latch system for all of your child care needs. And we’ll lock those up with a great safety features I’ll get more into depth on that as we move forward heated seats in this particular model CD player does have the ego button here for a little bit better fuel economy as well as a manual mode if you wanna drive by yourself to get a little bit better fuel economy, that way as you move through the steering wheel very comfortable here have cruise control collision alert like. I said standard on the LTZ as well as lead departure warning, do have Bluetooth hands free calling here so I am not wailed my phone a planet with such screen I’m alright here and I can do anything I need to add that he is in my finger. The sample of the fear Schrader settling Coldspring Minnesota you have any questions on Equinox 2015 it but I feel free to give us a call or visit us online at Swedish guys back.