Volkswagen introduced electric Crafter.

Volkswagen electric Crafter.A new generation of Crafter lies in the base of the Volkswagen e-Crafter that is figuring as a prototype. The prototype was equipped with a motor that develops 100 kW(135 HP) and 290 Nm of torque. The motor is powered by under-floor truck battery compartment. The capacity of a battery consisting of 312 cells is 43 kilowatt-hours. The maximum speed of the van is 80 km/h.

Up to 80% of the stock of the battery can be recovered for 45 minutes using a special charger. The Reserve Volkswagen e-Crafter is 200 km. The automaker said that the design of the prototype was taken into account in the process of developing a battery that would be able to increase the reserve of a van up to 400 km.

Despite the location of the batteries under the floor of the VW e-Crafter, the capacity of the cargo hold model is identical to that in the versions with internal combustion engines and Nissan altima headlights 2006. If the volume is 11.3 cubic meters, the length of the cargo area will be 4 855 mm, the height 1 961 mm and the width 1 380 mm. The new electric van is capable of carrying loads weighing up to 1 709 kg.