How to extend the life of the car?

liva carEvery thing in the world has its shelf life and the vehicle in this regard is no exception. However, despite the fact that the period of trouble-free operation of the machine is very limited, you have to significantly delay the time of the first failure. It can be achieved by exercising several successive stages.
The first phase, which you should pay attention – running the new engine. Excessive load during this period can quickly “ruin” your motor, therefore obey all speed and time frame specified in the rules of operation of the vehicle.

Caring for the appearance of car also plays an extremely important role in the conservation of the machine.
An important role is played by the extent to which you are neat and well drive your car.
Care of secure parking place for your car. It is no one machine is not protected against hackers who want to harm or take away other people’s property.
Take care of a good car insurance. Entering into the insurance contract, understand all the rules of points. This protection, in case of problems with the car, can help you out.