How to Properly Diagnose or Check for a Bad Fuel Pump

Where 2006 Toyota corolla over the nose started to go through some simple diagnostics that determine if it’s a possible fuel pump issue. My first things you need to do is to check the fuel pump fuse going do this by referencing the owner’s manual to find the location the fuse box and then pull if you make sure it is visually okay. As you can see our views is good. If you have a blown fuse you’ll see a break in the element. Be sure and check all the fuses that relate to the fuel cell has some vehicles may have more than one when replacing a fuse always match the amperage. Never use a larger rated few. If you find a blown fuse this is a sign of a high and grow in the circuit. Referred to the vehicle wiring schematic and test each component in that circuit.

Fuel Pump On some systems are the fuel pump relay also related to the fuel cell. Good way to check this is having an assistant psycho key while you hold the rely and feel it click. If you do not get this result. The next thing to do is actually have that really tested you can do this a lot of local parts store. If you’re really task correctly then you may have a problem with the control side of the circuit never require further testing. Through ECM and that sort. Now we determine our fuses and relays good next thing to do is check melted at the palm. Now you may hear your pump run but that doesn’t mean it in the proper voltage to run the vehicle properly. You need a reference in vehicle service manual. Determine location and proper procedure to test voltage at the fuel pump.

We find no voltage at the palm you have to reference the vehicle wiring schematic determine if the problem is in there on the positive or negative side of the circuit we tested for source told me that was when we had the electrical connector unplug from the pump. That tells us that we had good source both. Really need to do a voltage drop tests at this point. Determine if the circuit can withstand the load in the field. View fuel pump cost on site. The way we’ve done this voltage drop tested by back probing electrical connector at the pump both the positive and negative term once we energizes circuit are both instructors should show within one bowl of water source open.

As you can see our multi drug tests showed fine. If you’re old this truck shows more than one goal difference between source voltage and the voltage drop. Then we possibly got a corroded connector. Problem in the circuit either on the positive or negative side. You’d have to look at your wiring schematic to determine where that would be. Since we’ve confirmed that the doctor will circuit in a fuel system is operating properly now attest the fuel system pressure most parts stores Bologna fuel pressure gauge in order to do that nor to hook up your system you have to refer to the servicemen.

Now we have the fuel pressure gauge installed rated check the fuel pressure. When is this going to crank the engine and protect the fresh. As you can see we have no fuel pressure in the system. And with all the other tests that we’ve done. Do you feel confident replacing the palm will follow the problem. Without completing all these tests we could replace the bomb and yet still not fix the problem.